Methods of working with the body in the system of classes of the theater group

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The focus of the article is the problem of physical education of actors of the modern drama theater, participants in theater studios, students of specialized universities. Stage movement classes help members of the theater team develop communication skills and the ability to work in a team, which is important for successful work in a theater team. The advantages of working with the body techniques in the system of classes in the theater group are determined, among which are: improving the quality of acting, developing creative thinking and the ability to find non-standard solutions. Traditional and innovative methods of working with the body are considered. It is noted that the program for the development of body plastics in the children's studio is aimed at developing the physical, emotional and creative abilities of children through work with the body. The elements of the program for the development of body plasticity in the children's theater studio are given as the main element in the preparation of the future actor. A special problem is the process of forming the expressiveness of movement. It is clarified that action and movements, as the main elements of work with the body and plasticity, become a form of transferring emotions and information.
body work, plastic, preparation methodology, stage movement

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Andreeva NP, Nikiforova VI. Methods of working with the body in the system of classes of the theater group. Science and Practice in Education: Electronic Scientific Journal. 2023;4(3):125-129. (In Russ.). EDN: QZPOKO


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